My work with Rachel is truly a life changing investment in my own well-being. Strengthening my core and all the smaller muscles that I’ve neglected my whole life, especially as a result of four pregnancies, has strengthened me mentally and emotionally as well. Rachel knows exactly how to read my body and intuit what it needs each time I see her for a private session. She is excellent at both pushing me and understanding when I need to go slower and pace.

She varies up exercises, working different muscle groups. She’s especially helped me with lower back pain.

I’ve been drawn to Pilates my whole adult life but my work with her is the first time I’ve seen long -standing results in the elongating and strengthening of my whole body. 

Getting one-on-one coaching has helped me so much in my own understanding of alignment and what my body needs to feel strong and limber.

I’ve recommended everyone I know to work with Rachel. She’s an excellent trainer.

-Trinity-Mom of 4

I can feel myself getting stronger and I’m starting to see muscles on my legs again! I have way more energy then ever, I even ditched my morning coffee and replaced it with pilates…and my husband says I’m nicer!

-Brandi-Mom of 3

The negative voice inside my head is gone and it’s replaced with positive affirmations and kindness. Along with the mental benefits I can now get up out of bed or in and out of my car without groaning or the pain, all the aches and pains I had are gone, I’ve lost 12lbs, and I got my flexibility back! Thank you Thank you!!


I can rotate!!! I haven’t been able to for a year since I fractured my back!